Project Optimal in association with College of Applied Human Services now offers a range of Applied Behavior Analysis certificaton programs

Applied Behavior Analysis Fundamentals Program: This 30 hour course (2 semester units) is an introductory course that will prepare direct support para-professionals with a strong foundation in the basic concepts and principles of applied behavior analysis within the context of Autism treatment. This course meets the requirements for the Applied Behavior Analyst Technician (ABAT) Credential coursework. This course is intended for workforce development to address an immediate broad service need. This course provides the foundation for the next steps in advanced education and training in ABA and Autism....Learn more>>

Applied Behavior Analysis Associates Program:
This program is equivalent to 120 contact hours. This course meets the requirements for the Qualified Autism Services Practitioner (QASP) Credential coursework. Participants will learn about and understand Autism Spectrum Disorders and applied behavior analysis and will earn a certificate of completion for the ABA Associates program from the College of Applied Human Services...Learn More>>